• Dr. Yvonne Van Duin DVM
    Dr. Yvonne Van Duin DVM VETERINARIAN

    I still clearly remember the moment I decided I was going to be a veterinarian. I was 5 years old and I wanted to become a veterinarian so I could take care of my pony “Schnapps” when he grew old.  Well “Schnapps” was long gone by the time I entered vet school, but my drive to care for animals went unabated all those years.

    And after 22 years in practice, it’s fair to say that my passion has evolved somewhat.  The driving force for me as a veterinarian is that I love to help improve “peoples” lives by helping their pets. I get an immense amount of satisfaction when I heal and help nurture someone’s beloved dog or cat back to health or when I help prevent a serious problem from developing. I like to think I not only contribute to the animals in my community, but to their family as well.  It’s why I do what I do.


  • Dr. Christine Loomis DVM
    Dr. Christine Loomis DVM VETERINARIAN

    Dr. Christine Loomis originally hails from Toronto , Ontario. She moved to Vancouver in 2007 shortly after completing her degree in Veterinary Medicine at the Ontario Veterinary College.

    For the past 10 years Christine has been working in emergency medicine in Vancouver, but has recently transitioned into general practice. Her professional interests include, emergency care and feline medicine .

    Outside of work she enjoys hiking, camping and spending time with her growing family. Christine is also the proud momma of Alfie a spunky Maltese, and  two ill behaved cats,  Mew and Aggie.

  • Dr. Kevin Shura DVM
    Dr. Kevin Shura DVM VETERINARIAN

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  • Dr. Sarah Dumont DVM
    Dr. Sarah Dumont DVM VETERINARIAN

    When I was 10 years old I found my newt “Fire” all dried up; Fire had been missing from his aquarium for several days. In a panic I insisted he get rushed to our family veterinarian.   Obviously Fire had been dead for awhile but I remember Dr W taking my concerns to heart. He examined Fire, pretended to do CPR and then informed me he had died. Dr. W’s compassion to an emotional 10 year old had a lasting impact on me.

    Just like Dr W was to my family growing up,  I too have formed bonds and relationships with people that go well beyond their pets. I have become part of peoples families through the care of their pets.

    For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a veterinarian.  I never had a backup plan, I just knew with enough hard work and dedication I would achieve my life long goal. I had to… what else was I going to do?!

  • Kristen, RVT

    When I come to work each day, I feel like I am doing something special. I like to think of myself as a hardworking Nova Scotia girl and someone who can always be counted on to do the right thing. And not just the right thing for the pets that we see each day but for the families that care for them.

    I have worked hard to become a highly skilled care giver for our furry friends but my passion goes beyond that. The past few years I have worked hard to develop those skills that allow me to share my knowledge with others. I love to help educate my staff and our clients. Our four legged family members add so much to our lives and it is my goal to not only help them through my direct care but through sharing my knowledge as well.

  • Danielle, RVT

    When I was 8 years old, I bought 2 guinea pigs from a local pet store after winning a colouring contest. We were told they were both girls, but that was clearly not the case when 4 more little guinea pigs made an appearance a couple months later. Thus began my love for animals. I spent my afternoons and weekends volunteering at vet clinics and local animal shelters, trying to learn as much as possible about caring for our furry friends.  After working in Ontario for a couple years, I made the trek out to beautiful British Columbia and have been a part of the IVH family ever since!  Over the years, I’ve realized that I not only enjoy the technical aspect of my job, but I love being able to help clients in their journey to give their pet the best care possible.

    In my spare time, you will find me hiking and trekking around Vancouver stalking celebrities with my adorable sidekick, Arlie or travelling to visit family and friends.

  • Ashley, RVT

    I have always been interested in the medical field. I knew at an early age that I wanted to work in the veterinary field. I have always loved animals. As far as I can remember, my household never was without pets. I have always felt it was my duty to care for animals, and provide them with care to enable them to live long and healthy lives. This carries over into my role as a Registered Technician.

    I am passionate in making sure animals receive the best care possible. I am also very passionate and committed to the lifelong learning that I do as a tech. I not only love learning, but I love sharing my knowledge so that animals can receive better care at home.

    At the end of the day I can honestly say I love my job. Being a RVT is such a rewarding position. I started work back home in Nova Scotia right after graduating, and now I am here in British Columbia almost two years later. I have met so many people, and of course their pets, and knowing that I can have a positive impact on their health care is truly rewarding.

  • Scarlet, RVT

    I always knew I wanted to focus on a medical profession and for years figured I would go into nursing after university.  But then I adopted my dog “Laddi” from a family who was having a hard time caring for him and my focus quickly changed from being a “people” nurse to an “animal” nurse. After making this decision, I researched all of the vet hospitals in Richmond and luckily for me, Island Vet recognized my passion and  I have been here since 2013.  Having recently graduated from the University of British Columbia, my focus is now on becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician. Everyone at Island Vet has been so supportive and have helped me learn so much over the past couple of years; their support towards my veterinary career goals has been instrumental and I hope I pay it forward in the attention I give all of the interactions with our clients and their pets.

  • Liana, RVT

    Although I didn’t have any pets growing up, I spent every chance I could get with my friends and relatives animals. I got my first dog when I was in high school and brought her everywhere with me. She came with me when I went to school to become a Registered Technician, often acting as my anatomy model. She isn’t with us any longer but my family has grown to include 2 dogs and 1 cat (whose pictures are throughout this website) and they are a huge part of my family.

    I love the technical aspect of my job; the treatment room, the surgery suite, the anesthetics. But while my love of animals led me to this career, I get equal satisfaction from helping our clients, not just their pets. I share what I have learned and my hope is that helps the whole family.


  • Sarah, VOA

    Pets have “always” been a part of my home growing up. Cats, dogs, horses, and even a guinea pig and rabbit.

    The idea of working with animals as a large part of my career has always made total sense to me.  I was an equestrian coach for a number of years and worked on a breeding farm. It was on that farm, with the veterinarians coming and going all the time,  that I decided that the veterinary world was for me.

    I’m a people person who loves animals. So my role as a Veterinary Office Assistant is a great one for me. My days are rewarded by seeing our four legged visitors, sharing my knowledge with our clients and making sure that everyone is well taken care of and getting all that they can out of their relationship with all of us at Island Vet.


  • Capri, VOA

    I’ve been drawn to animals for as long as I can remember. My friends call me the “animal whisperer.”  I get calls from them all the time asking me for advice or help in rescuing animals like a stranded sea lion (true story).  I don’t have any animals at the moment but I know that won’t last for very long!

    I love working with people as well. Being able to do both has become my new passion and I can’t imagine a job where I can’t do both. Going to school to become a Veterinary Office Assistant has allowed me to share what I learned with clients to help their pets and the rest of their family.

  • Rob Elliot

    After moving to Vancouver 21 years ago, I promptly went to the SPCA and adopted a great cat which I named Owen.  Owen had a happy life in Kitsilano and one day I took him to a local vet hospital for a regular check up. Well, the veterinary care was exceptional, and I have to say that the vet was pretty cute too.  So cute that I married her. But with full disclosure here, Yvonne and I did not start spending time together after that veterinary visit. It was 2 years later that we connected again through different means and shortly thereafter was when we merged our feline families.  But we still joke about that first meeting when I took Owen to the vet. She remembered Owen very well from that visit, even years later. And what about the guy who brought him in?  Yvonne thinks that he was cute guy in a shirt and tie.